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Welcome to the webpages of the Embassy of Finland in Beijing!

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During the recent years world’s attention has focused on China for many different reasons. Not the least, the growth of Chinese economy has been dramatic, and despite the worldwide financial problems it still continues. Economically and also in a broader sense China has become an important partner of Finland.

During past years bilateral relations between Finland and China have clearly diversified and the recent decade significantly developed the cooperation both in the commercial and financial fields. This is clearly shown in the statistics. In 2014, the trade between Finland and China reached to 6.3 billion euros. There are almost 400 Finnish companies in China and Finns have invested at least 10 billion euros in China.

Growing interest in the Chinese language and culture has also for its part played an important role in this development. Approximately 70 000 tourists and business people visit China annually. Also the amount of Finnish people living in China has grown year by year - at the moment, there are about 2 000 Finns in China. The amount of Chinese people living in Finland exceeds 8 000 people; about a quarter of them being students.

The growing presence of Finland in China has increased the need to inform the public about the services provided by the Embassy. The aim of this website is to inform about the activities and services provided by the Embassy, as well as to share information in general about Finland, China and Mongolia.

The Embassy of Finland offers its services to all the Finnish people in China. The tasks of the Embassy of Finland in China include the following:

  • Political Affairs. Representing Finland in China. Taking care of contacts with Chinese authorities and following Chinese domestic policies and foreign affairs and economic policy.
  • Economic and Financial Affairs. Promote export and internationalization, support investments and tourism.
  • Media and Culture. Provide information on Finland and increase the visibility of Finland in China, develop cultural cooperation between Finland and China.
  • Consular Affairs. Handle and share information on passport, visas, residence permits, work permits and other Consular Affairs.

You are warmly welcome to explore our website.

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Updated 10/5/2015

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