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News, 2.5.2016

Moi Helsinki takes culture and business life from Helsinki to Beijing

Moi Helsinki

Source: City of Helsinki

As a result of co-operation between the cities of Helsinki and Beijing, the event Moi Helsinki will be arranged in Beijing on 13–15 May 2016. The event marks the ten-year twin city relationship between the two cities.

The culture of Helsinki and Finland will be presented at the event in the Xidan square in central Beijing. It is a major outdoor event open to the public, linked to a group of additional events.

The programme of the main event comprises Finnish music, dance and other artistic and cultural elements. The objective of Moi Helsinki is among other things to promote the visibility of Finnish culture and to give artists the opportunity to network in the fast growing cultural market of China.

Moi Helsinki also consists of additional events relating to business policy and tourism. The aim of these is to promote the business activities of Finnish enterprises in China and to enhance the reputation of Helsinki as a tourist and investment object.

The main organisers of the Moi Helsinki event are the Helsinki Cultural Centre and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture. A number of operators from both cities, as well as national organisations and business partners, take part in the implementation of the project.

The Moi Helsinki event website has been opened:


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