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News, 18.1.2016

2016 Sino-Finnish Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects in Cleantech, ICT, Urbanization and Design

Source: Tekes

Application period: Fri 15.01.2016 - Sat 30.04.2016

Tekes is announcing a joint China-Finland call for companies for cleantech, ICT, urbanization and design research, development & innovation (R&D&I) projects. The call is being conducted by Tekes, the Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China (MoST) together with Jiangsu and Zhejiang S&T Departments. Applicants are expected to focus on larger scale cooperation R&D&I pilots and demonstrations. The projects designing and conducting demonstrations by a consortium of several companies are prioritized. The deadline of the call is 30th April 2016.

I Background and objective

Based on the Science & Technology Cooperation Agreement between P.R. China and Finland Governments, and the Memorandum of Understanding for China-Finland Cooperation between the Ministry of Science and Technology of People's Republic of China (MoST) and Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation this is the notice of the call for proposals for bilateral joint projects.

The funding will be granted according to both countries' usual funding principles. Tekes funds risky projects that create new know-how and innovations. The funding must have an integral impact on the project and the intended results must be significant considering funding. Tekes selects for funding projects that create in the long-term the greatest benefits for the Finnish economy and society. The other applications and the project's impacts on other companies and society are taken into account in the evaluation of applications.

II Areas of Cooperation

Both sides agree that the aim of this call is to focus on larger scale cooperation R&D&I pilots and demonstration in areas of Cleantech, ICT, Urbanization and Design. Furthermore concept of the Smart City Development has been identified to support all those four areas with the following more focused project themes:

1. Cleantech

Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency (including but not limited to industrial energy saving, ESCO services, green buildings, renewable energy, bio material comprehensive utilization, city-level district heating and centralized cooling solutions, building-level centralized heating and cooling solution, bio-refinery, etc.)

2. ICT

Air pollution control and management (including but not limited to indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring and solutions, etc.)

3. Urbanization

Waste & water management (including but not limited to waste management design, waste recycling, bio-gas collection, waste water solutions, etc.)

4. Design

Smart City Planning & Design (including but not limited to smart city concept, green and sustainable buildings and construction, smart traffic, sports arena concepts and design, architectural design and industrial design, etc.).

III The procedure for the participants and eligibility

For Finnish applicants:

  • Finnish participants should submit their proposal through Tekes' electronic system and include a project plan and a description of how they will handle their own funding part. Chinese partners should follow the guidelines issued by MoST.
  • Eligible applicants will be R&D performing Finnish registered companies which operates in Finland.
  • Academic research entities and research organisations are not eligible applicants in Finland.
  • The results of the projects shall contribute to the Finnish economy. The participants must have prerequisites for profitable business.
  • The applicants should not have unpaid taxes or disturbances in payments.
  • For large companies the Tekes 'special requirements for large companies' funding are followed.
  • The participants must fully fill in the application form so that it can be evaluated equally with the other participants' applications.
  • Each applicant company can only apply for one R&D project in this call in the same funding year.

For Chinese applicants:

See provincial information on the web-pages of the Jiangsu Province S&T Department (TBA) and the Zhejiang Province S&T Department (TBA).

To the projects submitted by Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces:

  • If MoST supports, provincial S&T Departments have funding priority, and the maximum joint funding by MoST and provincial S&T Departments will be 3 million RMB.
  • If MoST doesn't support but provincial S&T Departments supports, the project could be funded by provincial funding; the provincial application, evaluation and criteria will follow the provincial funding process and requirements.

IV Project content and requirements

The proposals should comply with the following criteria:

  • Partners should include at least one Chinese and one Finnish company participant. The project may involve more than one company from each side. Academic research entities and research organisations are eligible to join as sub-contractors only.
  • The projects designing and conducting demonstrations by a consortium of several companies are prioritized.
  • The project partners should agree in advance on the IP rights and on the commercialization strategy of the product or process (Consortium Agreement is required).
  • The joint industrial R&D&I project should aim at development of products / processes, services, know-how leading to commercialization in the global market.
  • The work plan and the allocated resources of the project should be assigned clearly to each of the participating partners.
  • The project should demonstrate the contribution of the participants from both countries and the project must be balanced between participants and significant to both partners.
  • Both Chinese and Finnish sides must submit their application. One side application is not valid.

V Evaluation and selection of the projects

Both countries will carry out an independent evaluation of the joint R&D applications and will select the eligible project to be financially supported in accordance with their National Laws and Regulations.

The successful projects will be jointly selected by the two implementing organizations based on the project criteria and requirements specified in the application form. The projects preparing, designing or implementing demonstrations in above mentioned focus areas in Section II.

The MoST has limited the maximum funding for Chinese project up to 1.5 million RMB (ca. 215 000 Euros). Tekes will follow the Tekes normal funding rules.

VI Application deadline

The call for proposal will start on January 15th, 2015 and the deadline is April 30th, 2016.

In this call companies must use Tekes's normal application form for companies. To Tekes online service.

VII Contacts

1. Finnish Contacts

I. Contact in Finland: Mr. Markku Lämsä
Tel: +358 29 50 55793
Address: P.O.Box 69, Helsinki
Post Code: 00101

II. Contact in China (Beijing): Mr. Arto Mustikkaniemi
Tel: +86 138 1020 4014
Address: Kerry Centre, South Tower 24F, 1 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Post Code: 100020 P.R.China

III. Contact in China (Shanghai): Mr. Jarmo Heinonen
Tel: +86 21 6104 1477
Address: Rm 402, Bldg 2, 690 Bibo Road, Shanghai
Post Code: 201203 P.R. China

2. Chinese contacts:

I. Policy consulting: European Division, Intl Cooperation Dept. MoST
Contact person: LI Ruiguo, YANG He
Tel: 010-58881351, 010-58881356

II. Application receiving: European Division, China S&T Exchange and Communication Center
Contact person: XIA Huanhuan, DAI Lei
Tel: 010-68513370, 010-68598075

III. Jiangsu Contact: WANG Yu, Jiangsu S&T Foreign Exchange Center
Tel: 025-85485882

IV. Zhejiang Contact: HONG Chenming, Intl Cooperation Division, Zhejiang Provincial S&T Dept.705583
Tel: 0571-87055837


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