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Consulate General of Finland, Shanghai

Consulate General of Finland, Shanghai

Welcome to the Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai!

Consulate General of Finland

The Consulate General of Finland in Shanghai represents Finland in Eastern China. Apart from the city of Shanghai the Consulate covers the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Zhejiang. The areas economic growth has been extremely fast in recent years. The areas around Shanghai (Yangtse River Delta) the volume of the economy is significant even globally. The area is seen as the engine for the Chinese economy.

The Consulate General of Finland is promoting Finnish interests in the area. The Consulate provides prestige and authority services to companies dealing with local authorities and cooperation partners. The Shanghai area has a greater concentration of Finnish companies and public actors than any other area in Asia. Other central players working in a close relationship with the Consulate General are Finpro and Tekes. The Finland-China Innovation Center FinChi has a base in Shanghai and the FinNode China network, that covers all of China, is coordinated from Shanghai.

In cooperation with other actors the Consulate General increases knowledge about and respect for Finland. It promotes commercial, economic as well as scientific and cultural ties between Finland and China. Shanghai and in particular its neighbouring provinces offer Finnish companies the potential for expanding cooperation with the Chinese. In 2010 Shanghai hosted the greatest world exhibition yet (Expo 2010), which at the same time was the greatest promotion event for Finland in recent years.

The Consulate General of Finland works in cooperation with the local Finnish community (Shanghain suomalaiset ry.) and offers consular services for Finnish citizens and visa services for Chinese travellers.

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